Smart Cities

  • Visualize real-time data and perform live simulations in the 3D model
  • Reduce Smart Cities project costs by using a single 3D model for multiple simulation and visualization applications
  • Reduce analysis processing time with a platform accessible to all relevant trades 

What Uzufly does for you

Smart Cities technologies require the visualization of large urban areas, as well as the consolidation of multiple live data (e.g. IoT sensors) and digital simulation tools on a single interactive platform.  

Our 3D models are compatible with all GIS visualization platforms (e.g. ArcGIS Esri, Benley OpenCities Planner, Cesium, etc.) and can be imported into different simulation tools. This also reduces your modeling costs by basing your Smart Cities tools on a single 3D model and making your data accessible to urban project stakeholders or the general public.



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